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The Society seeks to preserve all that is best in local architecture and ensure that any future development is

in keeping   with the town's ambience and overall design.The Society aims to promote and preserve the historical heritage of this town and its surrounding area by:


       -  encouraging civic pride in the area and promoting co-operation with other organisations


       -  encouraging high standards of planning and architecture by liaising with Councils on planning  applications


       -  arranging well-advertised monthly talks of local interest, open to the public


       -  managing an informative website ( and producing a twice yearly Newsletter


       -  managing an Archive of photographs and drawings illustrating the history of the town, housed in the Maeldune Centre


       -  developing an oral history Archive by recording memories and stories from local residents


       -  being involved with Heritage weekends and the installation of Blue Plaques


Details of our activities can be found the appropriate page of this site. Those who share our aims can join the Society by paying a fee of £8 per person or £14 per couple. The membership fee covers the period from 1st April to 31st March. A reduced fee is payable for those joining after 1st April.


Contact Martin Pike on 0774 379 3066, email, or download our membership form or newsletter for further information:





Researcher Lynne Raymond achieve her ambition of correcting the famous story of Edward Bright, the Fat Man of Maldon, thanks to the help of the Maldon Society. Ms Raymond began the project in 2013 by working with evidence found a few years ago. The biggest challenge was to correct the famous figure’s address. Based on historical evidence from the 1890s, the original blue plaque had him living at Church House in Brights Path.


However, new evidence revealed it was his son, who shares his name, and his daughter-in-law who lived there instead. The Fat Man lived at the building which is between 57 and 59 High Street with his family.

The Maldon Society organised a replacement plaque for Edward Bright and his son who was a notable person in the town. Among those attending the unveiling were direct descendent Richard Bright, chairman of the Maldon Society Judy Lea, district chairman Henry Bass and conservation officer Tim Howson.


Simon Fothergill from Brights and Sons, Richard Bright, Cllr Henry Bass, Mark Salisbury of Church House and Lynne Raymond with the Edward Bright replacement plaques.