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To capture the memories of Maldon residents for the benefit of future generations the Society has established an oral history archive, "Memories of Maldon", under Wendy Howell's leadership. Copies of our recordings will be deposited with the Essex Record Office to provide material to assist those researching Maldon's history. Extracts from the archive were first played at the Society's 60th Anniversary Event on 5th October 2017.


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Here Maldon Residents Describe Part Of Their Working Lives During The Last 70 Years

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The Society's oral history presentation, played at our public meeting in July 2018, where

residents speak about Maldon High Street is below. 

PAT CRAMER – Pat remembers that, in the late 1940s, her Mum would take the children pea-picking. She would be paid for the number of bags she picked. Meanwhile, Dad, with only 1 eye, was a lorry driver. (2 mins.)

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DEREK MONK – Derek left school at 14, in 1944, and went to work in a household in Bradwell, close to his home. He learnt a lot from his employer, including cookery. (3.5 mins.)

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BETTY CHITTENDEN – Betty left Maldon Grammar school at 15 in 1948 and had jobs in Chelmsford, then in Maldon High Street and finally at Bentalls. She has a wonderful memory of many of the local telephone numbers! (3 mins.)


RICHARD MEAD – at the age of 16 in 1966, Richard’s first job was at Sadds timber works. He remembers working in extremely cold conditions, just wearing overalls or boiler suits which all employees had to buy for themselves. (3 mins.)

ERIC WILLSHER – Eric was also employed at Sadds. He remembers the ships unloading timber and one particular German sea captain who refused to use a pilot to navigate into Sadds quay in Maldon. (2 mins.)


ERIC WILLSHER – continuing to reminisce about Sadds, Eric explains the two areas in the factory where they worked with different types of timber. (2 mins.)



CAROL NOAKES – having lived in Maldon all her life, Carol talks about her parents’ jobs. She herself left school in 1965 but there was no career advice given at school. There were limited opportunities for school leavers. (3.5 mins.)


JOHN RAVEN – a sail-maker on the Quay for 50 years, John explains various other jobs they did in the Sail Lofts, apart from making sails, such as body bags for the Police. (3 mins.)


DAVID HUGHES – is a very well known local musician and writer. He recalls when he and his family moved back to Maldon from London, following which he toured the country playing at numerous gigs and also performed in Maldon. (3 mins.)