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Here we have another wide variety of extracts from our recorded interviews about Maldon's past, including Beeleigh Abbey, wartime, trains and other local memories are shown below.


                                            MEMORIES OF MALDON


To capture the memories of Maldon residents for the benefit of future generations the Society has established an oral history archive, "Memories of Maldon", under Wendy Howell's leadership. Copies of our recordings will be deposited with the Essex Record Office to provide material to assist those researching Maldon's history. Extracts from the archive were first played at the Society's 60th Anniversary Event on 5th October 2017.


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CHRISTOPHER FOYLE Christopher, now aged 75, explains the origins of his family buying and living in Beeleigh Abbey. He remembers staying there as a young boy. He is now the owner and restorer of the Abbey.


© Recording Jonathan Foyle 2018

CHRISTOPHER FOYLE  Christopher continues his recollections of staying with his grandparents at Beeleigh Abbey. He has fond memories of his grandfather, who had retired from running the famous London ‘Foyles’ Bookshop in 1945.


© Recording Jonathan Foyle 2018

MICHAEL ENNALS Michael was born and still lives in Acacia Road. Here he speaks about

the development of the road and the huge damage done to his home by a war time bomb in 1944. 


MICHAEL ENNALS Michael continues the war time story, together with the further development of Acacia Road and Grainger Avenue.


ALFRED KNIGHTBRIDGE Alfred remembers Maldon West station and watching, with his grandmother, the goods trains shunting. It was 1940 and he was 5 years old.

JOHN PRIME John, now age 89, converted the barge Gippin into a home and talks about living on it with his young family and the trips they went on together.

JOHN WHISKIN John remembers a special Sunday School outing on the last non-advertised train from Maldon East. It closed in the 1960s.

GRAHAM SMITH Graham also remembers a Sunday School outing on the train (was it the same one as John Whiskin – above- remembers?) Graham recalls the loss of the sandwiches and the route of the train track, where the bypass now is.

© Maldon Society 2019

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ERIC WILLSHER In 1946, when Eric was 12 years old, he had a paper-round in Maldon.

Major Shakel, an interesting character, was one of his customers in Mill Road.


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The Society's oral history presentation, played at our public meeting in July 2018, where

residents speak about Maldon High Street is below.