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A key focus of the Society is to keep watch on the weekly planning applications for the Town of Maldon, especially its historic centre, and also its immediate surroundings including Langford and Heybridge. As well as trying to ensure our many buildings of historic or public interest  are protected, we seek to ensure that any new developments are appropriate to their visual context and the needs of the town.


Of particular interest is sustaining the commercial viability of the High Street pictured on the left. At each monthly meeting of the Society a brief verbal update is given on planning applications of likely interest and key town issues, with a display of plans and other information for perusal before and after the meeting. Comments from members and visitors are welcomed. When appropriate a representative writes into the district council and attends relevant town and district meetings to ensure our independent public view is voiced.

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An extract from the Society's Spring newsletter on Planning - by Judy Lea, Maldon Society Chair and planning representative is shown below after attending a recent Council planning meeting:


"The one that made all the news, as it involved a listed building, in its original grounds on layers of Maldon’s very early history, in a conservation area (!!) was of course the refused proposal by the county for 28 ugly and unsympathetic dwellings at Friary East - one of two Georgian houses behind the library.

The consultant was obviously focussed on the need for the County to find a place for some special housing for vulnerable adults, but he certainly chose the wrong spot on which to make his case. I have already queried with senior members why public money was wasted on over 2 years of fees, and fervently hope the County has the sense to sell rather than appeal.














Just after that, the full District Council refused detailed applications in both the intended North and South garden suburbs. The Heybridge Countryside one for 1138 dwellings (plus a ring road, primary school, GP centre etc) was refused partly on the need for more corroboration that the new flood protection was sufficient. Similarly, the council felt they needed more details for the Savills’ proposal for 200 dwellings filling part of the patch between the railway opposite Morrisons and Fambridge Road.

It remains to be seen what the next chapter on these significant sites will be. At least for the moment the 5-year land supply is not affected, still holding the gate shut against speculative schemes, especially as the District Council seems to be in a bullish mood at present and is holding to the Local Development Plan.






























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Left — the front of Friary East which faces Longfields across its grounds, by Charles Grigg Tait.


Right—The fine detail typical of the Friary East buildings