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A key focus of the Society is to keep watch on the weekly planning applications for the Town of Maldon, especially its historic centre, and also its immediate surroundings including Langford and Heybridge. As well as trying to ensure our many buildings of historic or public interest  are protected, we seek to ensure that any new developments are appropriate to their visual context and the needs of the town.


Of particular interest is sustaining the commercial viability of the High Street pictured on the left. At each monthly meeting of the Society a brief verbal update is given on planning applications of likely interest and key town issues, with a display of plans and other information for perusal before and after the meeting. Comments from members and visitors are welcomed. When appropriate a representative writes into the district council and attends relevant town and district meetings to ensure our independent public view is voiced.

An extract from the Society's Autumn newsletter on Planning - by Judy Lea, Maldon Society Chair and planning representative is shown below:


"When I first took on this role several years ago, it was just at the start of the huge consultation and then enquiry on the Local Development Plan, but with the very helpful personnel at the District Council I felt I at least partly understood what was going on. Sadly the significant recent staff cutbacks and turnover have made that more difficult, but I hope David Smye in taking over the planning role with his previous relevant professional experience will find his own methods of getting to the bottom of things! Fortunately Tim Howson retains his job as Conservation Officer, which is good news for all of us. 
The different political allegiances separating District and Town following the elections in May have not helped either. It’s hard not to speculate that if, instead of holding on by one vote the district had become hung, it might have increased the chances of the district being held to account for their actions, and of course their inactions too. Determined to think the best of the new arrangements though, by the time you read this we will have had our requested meeting with the District’s Leader Adrian Fluker. We shall see! 

As far as specific planning applications are concerned the major ‘garden suburb’ schemes continue to press on albeit with some checks imposed, and sometimes major disruption to traffic and residents as their various service needs are met. The Travelodge hotel at the Blackwater retail park off the Causeway is also now taking shape. Otherwise, the number of significant applications does seem to have diminished lately.  

We continue to try and assist all those we think will be of benefit, to the High Street in particular, and object wherever we believe schemes would be detrimental to the town as a whole."
























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