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The museums shown below will give the visitor to Maldon an excellent overview of the town's history through the years.

Maeldune Heritage Centre -

"Maeldune" is the Saxon spelling of Maldon and means "a cross on the hill". The Centre is run by the Maeldune Trust, a registered Charity, in partnership with Maldon Town Council. The Maeldune Trust comprises representatives of The Town Council, The Maldon Society, The Essex Guild of Craftsmen, the Maldon Twinning Association and other notable local organisations.


Home to the Embroidary that commemorates the Battle of Maldon fought between the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings in 991, the Centre also has a wealth of material about Maldon's history

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The Moot Hall Hall -

Believed to date from 1420 The Moot Hall, a Grade 1 listed building, has central place in the Maldon story. The Moot Hall has served Maldon as town hall, prison, police station, court house, charter house, armoury, council chamber and public meeting space for nearly 450 years. The views from the roof are well worth climbing the stairs!

Now it is has a new life as a centre for the social history of the town, and plays host to numerous events, performances and exhibitions. It is also a venue for civil marriage ceremonies and there are high hopes for an incredible future for this wonderful building.

The Maldon Museum -


Maldon Museum (or "The Museum in the Park") was established in the early 1920s as Maldon Borough Museum and at the outbreak of WWII the collection was put into storage but even so it was very unfortunate that many items were either lost or damaged beyond repair.

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Combined Miltary Services Museum -


The museum houses original British military artifacts, a number of which are of national importance including the only surviving MK2 'Cockle' canoe as used in the 'Cockelshell Heroes' raid, plus displays of espionage equipment and much more.


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